Singapore ICO regulations

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Singapore ICO regulations are a hot topic in Crypto world as it may pave the way for just regulations of the highly volatile and unregulated crypto industry. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced in late November 2017 that it would regulate the issuance of digital tokens or initial coin offerings (ICOs) and that they   Continue Reading

Lowest tax rates in EU

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In this topic we will discuss lowest tax rates in EU with comparison among the top destination for EU and global citizens. Malta has the one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU so it does not come as a surprise that one can establish a company in Malta in agreement with community laws which   Continue Reading

Lowest tax rates in EU

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

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Cyprus citizenship by investment program offers many advantages. An important hub in the heart of the Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and traveling within and beyond the European Union. Cyprus citizenship programs are very popular for individuals or families looking to   Continue Reading

Malta double taxation treaties

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In order to encourage the growth of international trade including that of financial services, successive Maltese governments have sought to conclude double taxation treaties with important trading partners as well as with emerging countries. Malta double taxation treaty is expected to continue in the future. There are 73 countries that have active double taxation treaty with   Continue Reading

Offshore bank account in Singapore

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Opening an offshore bank account in Singapore is highly advantageous as it is one of the most ideal jurisdiction for conducting business all around the world. Singapore is one of the world’s top leading international financial centers, the  third most globalized economy among 60 of the world’s largest economies, a major capitalist service economy which   Continue Reading

Set Up a Company In Malta

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We encourage our clients to set up a company in Malta as it provides many advantages compared to most of it’s EU counterparts. Malta’s GDP growth rate has grown substantially, standing at 7.7% in the third quarter showing the second fastest growing economy in the EU. Average growth across the EU stood at 2.6% in   Continue Reading

Romania Tax Rate 2018

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In 8th November 2017 the Romanian government published the fiscal legislative framework for 2018. The ordinance details far-reaching tax changes which came into force on 1st January 2018. These are mainly related to income tax and social security contributions, micro-company tax and corporate tax. Major changes are briefly presented below. 1. Romania Tax rate 2018 (Income   Continue Reading