Company formation Delaware

Delaware is situated on the east of the United States of America near Baltimore and Washington D.C. The geographical position signifies a real advantage in terms of export markets due to its close location to the sea and main highways.

The General Corporation Law of Delaware has established a respectable reputation for this jurisdiction and has facilitated Delaware to become a famous for company formation

The companies that are incorporated in Delaware are known as LLCs, which offer the combined benefits of a corporation which is limited by shares and a Limited Partnership, thus is an excellent way to protect the personal liability and assets of the owners. Simultaneously, it allows the owner of the company to indulge in the advantages of a tax-free jurisdiction on all business transactions and profits generated outside the United States without having to go through the restrictions of a US Corporation.

What types of businesses is Delaware LLC suitable for?

  • Businessmen
  • E-commerce
  • Consultants / Counselors
  • Traders
  • Holding intellectual property rights
  • Custody of real estate
  • Inheritance purposes

Delaware General Corporation Law

Delaware General Corporation Law, which forms the basis of the Delaware Courts’ opinions, is broadly viewed as providing excessive flexibility to corporations to govern their business activities. For these reasons, Delaware is widely regarded as having the the most business-friendly legal system in the United States, thus a great number of companies are incorporated in Delaware, including 60% of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Although, a key factor to consider is that Delaware offshore companies are not allowed to conduct their activities in United States.

The biggest advantages of a Delaware LLC are

  • No tax of any kind provided that there are no transactions in the United States.
  • High level of anonymity and privacy.
  • No accounting/reporting requirements.
  • No paid up capital requirement.
  • US dollar as standard currency.
  • Modern offshore legislation.
  • Stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation (USA).

Company formation Delaware: Why you should incorporate one

Many agencies and company formation law firms do not advise comprehensively or wrongly. Learn what to look for.

Asset Protection Against Creditors

Delaware LLCs possess increased asset protection against creditors. This means that if a member of an LLC has a judgment filed against him/her, a creditor cannot attack the LLC nor acquire any portion of the LLC's assets. This benefit protects everyone in the company.

Statuary Limitation on Member Personal Liability

A statutory limitation on the personal liability of the members of an LLC means that members are not held liable for repayment if an LLC fails and leaves behind debt. The most money a member of an LLC can lose by virtue of the LLC's failure is the dollar amount the member had invested in the LLC.

Simple Start-Up and Minimal Requirements

Very little information is required to form an LLC in Delaware, and start-up involves only a small filing fee. Additionally, there are no meetings or voting requirements.

Delaware LLC Privacy

You are not required to disclose any information about the owner of an LLC to the state of Delaware or Harvard Business Services, Inc. in order to form or maintain an LLC. Not all states protect your identity like this. In Delaware, you are required only to have a designated contact person and a Delaware Registered Agent.

We comply with the following code:

  • Legally secure foundations
  • No unexpected(hidden) costs
  • No false promises
  • Finding the right solution by focusing on your requirements

With this strategy, we have been on the market since 2013 and have not disappointed any customer so far. And we prioritize it in keeping that way. We strive to ensure that every client is satisfied and does not take risks with the solutions we provide for them, but only exploits legal opportunities. Starting a company that involves doing real business is more costly than a letterbox company, but it is the only way to save on taxes without risking legal action.

What makes a company formation in Delaware attractive to foreigners?

0% corporate income tax on profits earned outside of US As a non-US resident, your Delaware LLC will only be taxed in the US on income from US sources, meaning that income from other countries will not be taxed by the US. If you choose to form an LLC.

Other advantages:

  • Simple and easy tax system
  • Efficient communication means.
  • High anonymity
  • Convenient world time zone: GMT-4

Company formation Delaware - How it works

Company formation in Delaware is easy and the owner does not have to travel to US. For the comany formation only a certified ID or passport copy and a power bill is needed. Depending on the choice of bank and also a short CV or bank reference.


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