euro pacific bank account

Euro Pacific bank account

A Euro Pacific bank account is usually opened for various purposes such as asset management, privacy, minimizing risks and liability, maximizing freedom, etc. We offer our clients Euro Pacific Bank as the ideal solution for offshore bank accounts.

Why do people open offshore accounts?

The motives are diverse, but can be summarized in 4 main groups:

1. Safety

With Euro Pacific Bank there is a stronger sense of safety due to the very fact that the bank because, 1. It does not grant loans and does not engage in speculation. Their equity ratio is 100%. 2. Even when it comes to an extreme withdrawal of capital (bankruptcy), the bank does not collapse because all the customers’ investments are completely there.

2. Privacy

For generations, bank secrecy was a firm pillar of trust. You could take your money to the bank because you were sure that nobody would know about it. Even if it was known that you were a client of a particular bank, there was no way (without court order for serious crimes) to get the account balance.

It’s different today. It started with increasing public debt. Some citizens no longer trusted the state fully and the state relied less on its citizens. Would they pay taxes at the statutory rate?

So laws were enacted, the bank accounts for tax purposes partially transparent made.

In Europe, the United States and many other industrialized and emerging countries, banking secrecy is abolished or so softened that it is no longer worthy of the name. Euro Pacific bank account offers a solution in this case as they are based in Puerto Rico and offer high anonymity.

3. Account for offshore companies

Offshore companies are founded – as with offshore accounts – for different reasons. Frequently mentioned:

  • international commercial transactions
  • Online shops
  • licenses
  • risk insurance
  • Ships
  • asset management

Opening a bank account in Euro Pacific Bank can be an ideal solution for aforementioned  reasons.

4. Emergency account

There are people with fear. Whether justified or not should not be the topic here. It is no coincidence that in many countries the phrases “Spare in time, then you have in need” or ” Do not put all the eggs in a basket ” emerged. Prudence and proactive planning have always been strengths of our community … and that can also be an emergency account. With Euro Pacific Bank, you can achieve high levels of safety, security, anonymity and privacy.

Open an offshore bank account in Euro Pacific bank: What are the requirements and services acquired?

  • Online banking available? Yes.
  • Debit Card? Yes.
  • Personal Visit required? No.
  • Initial Deposit amount: USD 500.


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