Forex License

We can assist you in obtaining a Forex license from jurisdiction we listed below. We will advise you where it is best to apply for a Forex license and provide you with full services including:  company formation, compliance advisory, all the essentials requirements to start a Forex company, merchant account and business account opening, nominee directors, office service etc. The procedure of applying for a Forex license can be difficult without professional firm. Using a professional firm to help you through the entire license application process can ensure that you follow all the correct procedures and supply the correct documents to the regulatory authority.

Forex License Comparison

In this post, we will also compare the conditions, requirements and set up costs for various offshore forex licenses in BVI, Vanuatu and Seychelles. What are the difference between the requirements to obtain a forex license in BVI, Vanuatu and Seychelles? The first difference is that 3 of those licenses are offshore licenses that is to say BVI and Vanuatu. In the case of Seychelles, the license is not offshore per se as the company applying for the license is not an IBC but a local company which explain why the requirements are different. The second difference will be the capital with BVI requiring the highest capital at 100,000 USD and Vanuatu the lowest capital at 2,000 USD. BVI and Vanuatu have easier requirement as none required local office or local employees. Seychelles will required all of it.

Company formation in different jurisdictions

For inquires on company formation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, please visit our page here

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Category Seychelles Vanuatu BVI
Capital in USD 50,000 USD 2000 USD 1,000,000 USD
Taxation 1.5% 0% 0%
Local Office Required Not required Not required Not required
Local Representative or Agent Required Yes Yes Yes
Local Employees or Compliance Yes Not required Not required
Setup costs 45,000 USD 27,500 USD 55,000 USD
Insurance Yes Yes Yes
Bank Account In Seychelles In Vanuatu In EU or Asia
Merchant Account or PSP Option Yes Yes Yes


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