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What are Ready-made Shelf Companies?

A registered business that has lain dormant for a while is known as a ready-made shelf company, often called an aged or vintage corporation. Typically, these businesses are founded by specialized businesses, who keep their stock available for sale to interested parties. The shelf company is registered and has a spotless record, so the new owner may start running commercial operations immediately after purchasing it.


Benefits of Ready-made Shelf Companies

Time-saving: The main benefit of buying a shelf company is the amount of time that is saved during company setup. It can take a while to register a new business because it involves paperwork, legal processes, and administrative duties. Entrepreneurs can avoid these challenges and concentrate on running their businesses by buying a ready-made corporation.

Proven corporate history: A shelf company has already been registered, giving it legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers, partners, and investors. An established organizational history may occasionally make it simpler to obtain credit and sign contracts.

Fast access to bank accounts and licenses: Using a ready-made shelf company can speed up the process of opening a corporate bank account or obtaining required licenses. Businesses having a track record of success are frequently more amenable to working with banks and licensing agencies.

Simplified global expansion: In some nations, operating a local entity may be necessary for conducting business. Entrepreneurs can skip lengthy registration procedures and kickstart their foreign business by purchasing a shelf company in the target jurisdiction.


Ready Made Company with VAT Registration

Time-saving: Bypass company registration and VAT processes, enabling immediate operations.

Simplified tax compliance: Eliminate the need to navigate complex VAT registration.

Immediate VAT benefits: Reclaim VAT on eligible purchases and expenses quickly.

Enhanced credibility: Appear more established and trustworthy to clients and partners.

Easier cross-border transactions: Simplify transactions within the EU (if applicable).

Reduced administrative burden: Minimize setup tasks and focus on core operations.

Streamlined compliance: Simplify adherence to local laws and regulations.


Ready-Made Companies With Bank Accounts

Time-saving: The company formation process, VAT registration, and opening a bank account can be time-consuming. A ready-made company with a bank account allows you to start operations immediately, saving you valuable time.

Simplified banking: The process of opening a corporate bank account can be complicated, especially for non-residents or foreign business owners. A ready-made company with an existing bank account can eliminate this hassle.

Enhanced credibility: A ready-made company with a bank account may have an established history, which can create a sense of credibility and trust among clients and suppliers.

Easier access to credit: A company with an existing bank account and financial history may have an easier time securing loans or lines of credit from financial institutions.

Quicker international transactions: With an active corporate bank account in place, a ready-made company can make international transactions more quickly and easily.

Reduced administrative burden: Purchasing a ready-made company with a bank account minimizes the administrative tasks involved in setting up a business, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Streamlined compliance: A ready-made company with a bank account may have already met the necessary regulatory requirements and obtained relevant permits, licenses, or registrations, simplifying the process of remaining compliant with local laws and regulations.


How much is a shelf company?

The price depends on the jurisdiction. Companies that have already a VAT number have a higher price.

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